Bio Tech- To find review

Biotech Cell Structure and Function Review – Videos: Please watch all videos listed.

Cell Theory – Video from TED-Ed

Eukaryotic Cells – ┬áVideo from CrashCourse

Cells: Video from Bozeman Science Assignment Objectives:

1. Be able to explain the Cell Theory including its three parts and their meaning(s). Knowing some historical development from the timeline would be awesome as well.

2. Be able to define key terms such as; Cell Theory, Cell, Eukaryote, Prokaryote, Organelle, Membrane, Protein, Enzyme, and in addition, all the generally found cell structures and functions.

3. Compare and contrast Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cells. In addition, Animal vs. Plant cells. You may want to use a Venn diagram for this.

4. Label structure and function for typical Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cells and components.

5. Be able to analyze the interrelations between organelles, the cell as a whole, and other cells(tissues, organs, etc…). Also, know how organelles came to be. Assessment: In-class Quiz and Test